Looking for an upgrade over Sony NEX-3K

Hi guys!

i currently own a nex 3k and it takes absolutely spectacular shots. I do a lot of macro an i really like the shallow depth of field and the sheer closeness to the subject i can achieve, even with the kit lens.

But, i think ive outgrown it. I cant go any closer and people say that its high time i shift to a conventional dslr. Now, here are the three options i was considering:

1) buy an e mount macro for 278 usd.

2) get a sony nex 6 with manual controls n stuff. Ive read a lot of reviews and all of them say the same thing. This camera hits the sweet spot.

3) get a canon or nikon entry level dslr.

please keep in mind that i intend to use this set up for the coming many years and dont want to change again. I want something which will fully satisfy in the photo department. Thats top priority. And please suggest lenses for photographing live animals if possible!

thx in advance!