A Car Journey in the Year 2033


Come with us now on a car journey in the year 2033.

Initially the scene is very recognisable to one you’d encounter today. You sit at the wheel of the vehicle driving along a road, but things are subtly different here. For one, the car has much less displays then you’d expect on today’s cars, the information is shown elsewhere. The contact lenses you wear layer information over your view as you think of it. A speed-conscious thought prompts a floating number in your lower right field of view to show exactly how fast you are travelling, followed by any other information you desire, calendar checks, football scores, locations of friends etc.

You grow weary of driving and decide to put the vehicle in self-drive mode, which prompts the two front seats to swivel round 45 degrees and the windows of the car to slowly turn opaque, before displaying your chosen scene to give the illusion that you are actually somewhere else entirely, sailing down the River Nile perhaps. A blue pulse across this view then prompts you to remember you have a business meeting in 5 minutes so again through thought alone you activate your contact lenses, but this time into virtual reality mode. The lenses create a perfect illusion of a virtual reality, an agreed meeting room, only this ‘room’ is the balcony of a beach house overlooking a Caribbean beach. The meeting takes place in this virtual space where everybody feels 100% present but nobody truly is.

The meeting ends just in time to meet your wife in a separate virtual world. Once a week you both take a lunch break out to meet your son and participate in a new school programme that encourages parents to take part in their child’s learning.

Finally you return back to reality as the lenses switch back to only displaying subtle information layers over the real world. You also put the car back into manual mode for the end of your journey, but before you arrive a battery overlay tells you the car is running low on power. This thought prompts a subtle hue to appear over the road that directs you to the nearest charging area. You approach a large tube-like structure that refills your car and tops up all the gadgets inside as you drive through it. And as you do, you see a beautiful display of pulsing colours all around to signify the charging process. Once fully charged, you continue to drive the car yourself all the way to your destination.

Come on then Verge readers, what other future tech might you encounter on this car journey 20 years from now?