OS11 - As we are preparing this year for Mac OS 10.9, what are your thoughts on the OS after that?

Well, another year has gone by, and sometime this summer, Apple will probably release another version of its non-mobile operating system, which will probably OS 10.9, but could possibly be OS 11(Apple didn't actually make it through all the numbers in OS 9, stopping at 9.2.2 before skipping to OSX).

Assuming the next operating system is still OSX, what do you think is going to happen in OS 11? My personal opinion is that it will more completely merge iOS and Mac OS, but I really want to hear what others think. The transition from OS 9 to OSX was revolutionary, and it ushered in a new age for a dying Apple, so hopefully the transition from OSX to OS 11 will be equally revolutionary. In my opinion, the latest updates in OSX have been kind of stale - not much in the way of "classic Apple innovation" - and the only really big updates involved individual applications such as Mail and the Mac App Store. Also, most of the updates were just merging Apple's mobile operating system with its computer OS, which is helpful sometimes, but not exactly creative. Not all the updates were boring; the Launchpad/Mission Control stuff is really useful, but the whole OS could use a refresher.

So post what you think your ideal OS 11 would include, what it would be called, and while we're at it, what you think 10.9 will be named, assuming there is one. Rumors say "Lynx," but I'm still hoping for "Saber-toothed Tiger!"