Nokia should market the Lumia 620 worldwide.

I was just browsing a cellphone import reseller website, and I see they are selling the Nokia 620 for under $300, and that is import price. And this is not like Android. The Nokia 620 has dual core Krait, and WP8. Other than the Nexus 4, most other Android phones at this price range carries mediocre hardware with old OS (some with Gingerbread). This could've been the killer WP8 phone. If we ignore the import price, Nokia can probably sell this straight for closer to $200-$250. So why don't they? Worse, why didn't Microsoft see this? I mean if they are so concerned about the US carriers, sell and support it straight from the Microsoft store. Am I missing something? It's like both Nokia and Microsoft rather play with the carriers than ensuring success of their own products/platform.