Recent bugs with Facebook notifications?

Has anyone else been experiencing bugs with Facebook recently? Specifically, when I get a notification on my phone, and sometimes on my desktop, the activity that the notification is concerning doesnt seem to exist. For example, when i get a notification that someone commented on one of my photos, when I click on that notification, that comment isnt appearing with that photo. Sometime past activity around that photo, such as likes or comments, seem to disappear as well.

I'll refresh the page a few times, with the only result being older notifications reappearing, and sometimes the newer notifications themselves disappearing.

My Newsfeed overall seems to have been very buggy as well, and its gotten to the point where the site feels unusable.

I've logged into my Facebook account on my both Mac and Windows, as well as Chrome, IE and Safari, and I'm seeing these bugs consistently across these platforms.

Anyone else seeing this? Maybe this is related to FB developers working on something in advance of Tuesday's announcement(s)? (Though you would think any testing would occur in a pre-production environment)