Kindle App Feature Request + Design

I read most, if not all of my books on my Kindle. I keep all of them organized in collections so that I can go to a single place to see all related books in a series. This feature seemed to make so much sense if paired with the "Semantic view" feature in Windows Store apps (it is a way to see high level information at a glance), and since I'm an aspiring designer, I though I would take a moment to do a mockup.

Mind you, I was working with PowerPoint on my Surface since my desktop with Photoshop is clear across the country, so some of the buttons aren't as sharp as I would have preferred.

Also, the pinned tiles are pretty drab in the existing Kindle app. This left plenty of space to spice things up with cover photos and even the progress through a book on the live tiles.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Is it terrible and I should be ashamed? Or it is awesome and I should do more?

Existing app landing page Multi-select and Add to Collection button Collection view New collection Books contained within a collection Quick navigation between collections 
Options to manage collections Pinning a collection to the Start Screen Pinned tiles for collections and books Live tiles to keep things interesting and provide progress through books

via The Design blog of Ian Turk