Almost due for an device upgrade, on Verizon - What to get??

I'm due for an upgrade of my Verizon phone at the end February so I'm back in the market.

Currently, I have an HTC Thunderbolt, which has been a disaster for me the past 2 years (buggy OS, horrendous battery life (i have to get the huge hunchback extended battery), unwarranted restarts, etc.)

I want to go (ne' prefer) with something that has stock Android (Google Now / Android 4.1-4.2 at the very least), and battery life that will last through at least a work day with moderate usage. The battery life issue really has been the biggest problem for me with the Thunderbolt. A phone that shuts itself off randomly or whose battery dies very quickly is a safety hazard, in my view.

I'm a techie and professional social media-er, so I need something that reflects that as well.

My preference right now would be the Nexus 4, however that doesnt work on Verizon. If not that then, the Galaxy Note 2 seems like a great phone, with great battery life. The salesperson at Best Buy mobile told me, though, that Samsungs have issue with reception. (I live in mid-Michigan, and have had no problems with Verizon LTE or 3G.

What phone would you Vergers recommend? Or is there something expected to be released at MWC next month?