Sager NP9370 Advice

Hey all,

I'm in desperate need of a new laptop. I've been rocking this 2007 17" 2.33 ghz Core 2 Duo Macbook Pro through 4 battery replacements and several repairs. It is basically a slow desktop for me now (no working battery)-- and my only computer at that.

There are admittedly strange, nitpicky productivity-related things I love about OS X-- the use of the command button over control (and its placement on keyboards) for most tasks, the ability to quickly search through menus, etc… But I also love tweaking and regularly boot into my Ubuntu partition (and sometimes Windows 7).

But a friend of mine bought an Asus G75vw a few months back and I was inexplicably drawn to its matte chassis. I guess I love the fact that there is room for 2 HDs. Unfortunately, reviews and quality control are all over the place for that laptop, and Asus' customer service seems unhelpful and undeserving of my money. So I looked elsewhere and this Np9370 through XOTIC PC or Mythlogic seems like my best bet outside of Apple's newest offerings. I'd considered the 15" retina, but I'm afraid the GTX 650 GPU in there is already overworked pushing so many pixels.

I'm in college, but will use my new machine to do everything from mundane paper-writing tasks, to Adobe-Suite work, to audio production. I'm not a gamer, but the horsepower is alluring for any possible future software endeavors (virtualization, video-editing, etc...).

I've come across a few reviews for the barebones Sager NP9370/Clevo P370EM that focus mainly on benchmarks-- which is cool. Unfortunately, there are no Verge-style reviews that really focus on display, keyboard, and speaker quality. I've read that Sager's (and other company's) keyboards sometimes don't register, and/or exhibit ghosting. I'm also not thrilled about the lack of a left super key, which I would use very often in Windows and Linux (though I'm guessing I'd be able to use hotkey software to turn the FN key into a super key and Caps Lock into FN...).

Am I crazy for considering lugging this thing around over what Apple has to offer even though I'm not a gamer? Does anyone own this machine, and if so, could you please shed some light on it, Verge style?