Will Apple replace this iPad?

I recently got an iPad, and to make a long story short, I dropped it. Thankfully the screen didn't shatter, but the screen does have some pretty nasty and deep scratches on it from the sand that was on the floor. If I were to take it to an Apple Store, does anyone think that they will replace it? Or will Apple just say it's my fault (which it is) and tell me that I'll have to either pay to replace the screen, or just to live with it?

I would like to know whether this is a possibility, because these deep scratches do bother me, and are quite visible, especially when something on the screen is white.

I've never had to go to the Apple Store in the past to ask for a replacement device with this iPad, or any of my previous Apple devices. Could this be a contributing factor that could help me out, or is that detail just irrelevant?

Other details: This is the 4th generation iPad (16 GB);It was purchased at a third party retailer (Future Shop) ;I've had a few other issues with this iPad, such as wifi connectivity issues and a few battery issues which seem to come and go, and aren't an issue most of the time.

So, if anyone can give me any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. If you have had to go and replace your iPad, or any other Apple device, please let me know what your experiences were like. Lastly, is this even a possibility, or just a dream?

If anyone can help, thanks. I really appreciate it.