The more Windows 8 devices I review, the more refined my idea of a perfect Windows PC becomes. A convertible device (a tablet and dock) makes the most sense for me, but I need full-blown Windows 8, not Windows RT and its lack of app support. I’ve found that 13 inches is too big, and 10 is too small — if you’re looking for the “one device to rule them all,” 11.6 inches is the only useful size.

That's why I was looking forward to spending time with the HP Envy x2. It runs Windows 8 and supports every app you can think of, but its two pieces dislodge and the device becomes a totally functional tablet. Its 11.6-inch, 3-pound body is just the right size, and its $849.99 price tag is totally stomachable.

But I had some lingering questions, especially about the x2's Intel Atom processor, which is a much less powerful chip than the company's Core i5 or i7 CPU. Plus, I've seen too many bad keyboards, bad trackpads, and poor screens on Windows 8 devices. Can HP finally get everything right? Let's find out.