Tasker - Who is using it and what clever things are you doing with it?

Tasker - For those that haven't heard of it, it allows you to automate all sorts of things based on circumstance, events, scheduling, or manual execution.

I use two Plug-ins for Tasker - FolderSync and Secure Settings.

What I'm doing with it so far...

Profile - "Home"
Initiated on connection to my home wifi network.
Sets a variable %Home to True (this can be useful for other profiles/tasks).
Disables my passcode lock so I don't have to unlock my phone when at home. Exit task (when away from home wifi network) re-enables the passcode lock and sets %Home to False.

Profile - "Optimised Viewing"
Initiated when one of several applications is active.
Sets a variable of current brightness level, then increases brightness to 100%, and sets the screen timeout to 10 minutes. Exit task puts brightness back to the previous level (remembered by the earlier variable I set), and puts the screen timeout back to 2 minutes.

Profile - "Headphones"
Initiated by headphones being inserted.
Disables my wifi, and opens Spotify. Exit task stops Spotify from playing, goes back to home screen, and turns wifi back on.

Profile - "Face down silent"
Initiated when phone is face down.
Puts phone into silent mode. Exit task disables silent mode.

Profile - "Sync"
Initiated every Sunday at 2am, can be run on demand from desktop icon.
Uses Folderpairs configured in FolderSync. Executes some one way and some two way jobs to backup key folders from my phone to my SkyDrive and to my Mac (Camera, Downloads etc). All syncs require a wifi connection, and syncs to my Mac are only attempted when %Home=True.

So that's it for me, what has anyone else thought up to do with Tasker?

For anyone interested but confused, I found a series of 3 videos from this guy massively helpful in getting me started.