Persuade me to get a Nexus 7, please!

I'm at a dilemma. My birthday's coming up in a few months and I'm tied between getting either the next-generation Nexus 7 or the next-generation Kindle Paperwhite*. Normally, it would be sorted out by "do you want to read? Get a Kindle." I already have a Kindle, and while the paperwhite looks like an upgrade that could be useful sometimes, there are some uneven lighting issues that I hope will be fixed in the next model.

*I know I'll be getting the next generation of these products, but the fundamentals will remain the same. I don't expect either company to re-invent the e-reader/tablet.

Onto the Nexus 7. I can see the 7 inch tablet... sometimes. I've already got an iPhone, and I worry that I'd just be getting a device that could do exactly the same as my phone, with a slightly bigger screen. It would be yet another device alongside my iPhone, Kindle and computer. Another device to charge. I can see some uses though - the bigger screen would be a lot nicer for web browsing than the 3.5 inch screen of the iPhone, and BBC iPlayer would look great on it. But again, it's just a big phone.

A possible solution could be to read on the Nexus 7, as that can be read in the dark. But it's not e-ink, it can't be used outside and it will need charging quite often.

Please help me decide. I'll probably reserve final judgement until after Google I/O, and maybe after the usual September Amazon event (it depends how good the next Nexus 7 is), but I'd like to know whether you just think of your Nexus 7 as a large phone, and what you use it for. Thanks.