My Biggest Problem with Surface RT Reviews/Hate

This intro paragraph to a Surface PRO review on the NYTimes has summarized my hatred of how reviewers are looking at the Surface RT... (

A few months back, Microsoft raised a lot of eyebrows by selling its first computer: the Surface tablet. For the same $500 that gets you an iPad, it offers better hardware and more jacks. It has only one drawback: it can’t run any PC software.

The biggest problem with how reviewers look at the Surface RT is that they constantly compare Windows RT to a full desktop OS, while comparing the Surface RT to the iPad. Its almost as if the reviewers understand that the Surface RT is meant to compete with the iPad while they cannot accept that MSoft can develop a mobile OS that runs mobile software. Obviously giving Windows RT the "Windows" name and keeping the ghost of desktop around causes confusion, but when was the last time iOS or Android were criticized for not running full Mac/Linux/Windows programs?

I wonder if the Surface RT would have been viewed differently had MSoft called it "Surface OS" or something along those lines. Just thoughts to ponder.

And yes, I own a surface and I understand their are more flaws to Windows RT that deserve criticism, but thats not the point I am trying to make. Thats a separate discussion thats been had many times before.