Galaxy note 10.1 vs Nexus 7, which one to get?

I was supposed to get a nexus 7, but the guy that was to supposed to buy it in USA did not. So now I'll buy something in Switzerland instead (I'm from Croatia).

Nexus 7 32GB = 290 chf (cca 300 usd)

N8010 Galaxy Note 10.1 16GB = 340 chf

I do like larger screen better, which is why I am undecided. Note has an SD slot, so storage is not an issue. Pen is also nice, but not something I really need.

What I am curious about is what is the latest software version on note, and can I expect updates?

How is the mali-400 GPU compared to Tegra3 GPU in nexus?

Usage scenario:

- music, video viewing

- ebook reading

- some gaming. I don't know how much, since I don't know the state of games on android. Maybe mostly emulators, like snes/gba.

Any advice?


Got the nexus. Loving it so far.