Xbox Music: Completely broken on Windows Phone 8

Disclaimer: this has been my personal experience with Xbox Music. If you guys have had different, more happy experiences, please tell me what I am doing wrong.

So I got my Lumia 920 with WP8 a month ago, and initially I was very excited about Xbox music one it. I had a Surface Tablet, and why performance wasn't the greatest, I had really been liking the concept of a "cloud collection". All the music I had on my desktop were on my surface, automatically. The only thing I didn't like about it was the face that it forced me to download all 1000+ songs at the same time, and that this download stretched over several days, wouldn't complete in the background, and the music app was basically useless why stuff was downloading. But once it was on my downloaded, it was pretty much smooth sailing.
So I get my Lumia, set it up and everything, and BAM! My whole cloud collection is just there! Awesome! Except this time it doesn't even make me download it! Its very cool to have a song technically in your collection, but not being forced to download it (perfect for music not frequently listened to. But here's the issue: when I try to download songs, in a couple days the cloud collection icon shows up. So I now have duplicate entries. Also, when I decided to sync my entire music collection from my surface to my phone, there was a duplicate for EVERY SINGLE SONG. For some reason, he cloud collection isn't smart enough to automatically combine it self with downloaded songs. What I ended up doing was just completely turning off the cloud collection. Which is a shame, that feature has such promise. If only it wasn't broken :/
Oh and when you get new songs from Xbox music on your phone, you don't have the option of just adding them to your cloud collection. You have to download them to the device. And it doesn't automatically add this music to your cloud collection, so it wont go to other devices (found his out the hard way when I had to reset my phone, and none of the new music I had gotten was there).