Anyone Want a 3rd Surface Keyboard w/ Battery + Enabling Lap Use

I'm extremely interested in picking up a Surface Pro + Type Cover in a couple weeks to replace my 5 year old dell laptop. For $1000 it covers nearly every use case I have in mind (drawing, note taking, email/internet, light gaming, and a few proprietary business apps). However, I cannot comfortably use it with a keyboard in my lap. I don't expect to need to use it in my lap that often, but I would appreciate the option for the money I would be spending.

Now, I think that the touch/type covers + kickstand is a great idea to save weight/thickness when on the go. It allows for you to choose to bring the keyboard without worrying about added weight/size, but I for one would love one more option.

A type keyboard that was a few millimeters thicker to add an extra battery plus some kind of mechanism that held the screen up without sitting the tablet on a table would make the Surface Pro and instant buy for me. Anyone else in my shoes?

I can't seem to find a website to suggest it. Windows Phone has a nice (albeit neglected) suggestion site here: Does anything like that exist for the Surface?