Overheard at CES: mumblings of the tired and extremely nerdy

CES is a crazy place filled with weird people. Here are some things I heard inside The Verge trailer, on the show floor, and around the city of Las Vegas — which was packed to the gills with 150,000 tech nerds, you might care to know. Read, enjoy, savor, and it might make you feel a little bit more like you braved CES with us. You can even play this like a game. Who do these quotes belong to, and what were they talking about?

"'Tired but vaguely aroused' pretty much describes my CES experience."

"I feel like a disembodied spirit. I look at objects and I'm looking into their souls."

"Our CMS is broken. My team is drunk. My deputy is having a baby."

"What type of grip do you use on your mouse? Do you use 'the claw,' or are you pinky-out?"

"You Americans want tailored apps catered to your needs. We Bulgarians like universal tools, like hammers and swords."

"CPM vs CPC: it's an extraordinarily simple concept, Todd."

"I download everything I can find, and I'm constantly let down."

"It sounds fun, but I'm never around human beings."

"Is that a pancake in your pocket or are you just using a really stupid cell phone?"

"If you jump that fence I'm gonna take away your credentials"

"I'll talk to you in a bit. I need to feed."

"It has moved our idea of our new cyborg selves forward, and that's why it matters."

"If you divide all the minutes the exhibitors are open and take no bathroom breaks and no food breaks and measure the time it would take to go from from booth to booth you'd have an average of 39 seconds each."

"There is a giant snake you can ride inside."

"There was a time when I would turn on Safari and it would peg one of my cores. It got really annoying."

"Goin' mouth-on with this pulled pork like a motha fucka"

"We are starting to see more iPad stands, which is good."

"It's metadata-powered evolutionary media and entertainment."

"What's your batch setup?"

"Your daughter's sixteen?"
"What's she into?"
"You know, arts, theater, writing, music..."
"Does she have a good head on her shoulders?"

"We've been living in this booth for the last four months just to get ready for this show. I have no idea what else is going on."

"They're doing way better than General Motors. And they did it without taking any money from the government!"

"Nvidia looks like it's pretty fancy these days"

"Does anyone have a full-sized AT&T SIM?"

"So as you can see, I slept from about 3-5 last night"

"He gave me that look that says 'I totally know you didn't follow me back.'"

"With Android taking a pretty strong stance, we've been very lucky to diversify our portfolio."

"What happens at CES doesn't stay here... thanks to the cloud!"

"You are offending me personally by offering me money."

"I'm gonna go raid the floor again. Anyone want to join me?"

"Show him the picture of Sinofsky"

"What do I need a roomba for? I don't even have a floor!"

"When I walk around with 4G LTE and I get 45 down I am the fucking future"

"I miss Comdex"

"I don't gamble, I just spend my money on video games."

and finally

"We should sell it to them, and then they should just buy it."

What booth was THAT from?