Help - Audiobooks on WP8

I have an audiobook I ripped from CD's that's saved as MP3s. I want to listen to it on my phone, but if I transfer it as music, then my place won't be saved if I restart my phone or play some other music. I've heard that podcasts will save your place, but I'm not sure how to get the files to my phone as a podcast. Does anyone know how to do this or have any other suggestions for optimizing audiobook playback on WP8?

Edit: Looks like there's a "Meta genre" property on the file that is blank on the podcast, but set to Music on files I moved over. It's not editable when the file is on the phone, and there's no where to set that property on the file on my computer. I even tried copying the podcast off my phone to my computer and then back to my phone. The Meta genre when its copied back gets set to "Music", so it doesn't show up in podcasts either.