Windows 8/RT Tablets - Why the Low Res Displays?

Display resolution isn't everything. I agree. Now to my gripe. I like Windows 8. I even like the value proposition of Windows RT/Office '13. Yet, I still have a hard time recommending Windows 8 tablets to friends/family over an iPad/Android device. Why? Because I don't think we are getting our money's worth.

Asus released the Transformer Pad Infinity 6 months before Windows 8 was released, and Asus managed to get a full HD (1920x1200!) display on the $499 tablet. Likewise, Google/Samsung scrounged up an astounding 2560x1600 display for the Nexus 10 for $399.

So why isn't there a single OEM with a Full HD Windows RT/8 tablet at the all important $500 price point? I thought it was a lack of GPU power available from SOC vendors (Apples A5X and A6X are in their own league) but then I looked up the SOC in the Transformer Pad Infinity and found that it was the same Tegra 3 found in the Surface RT. Why hasn't Asus released a $500 Windows RT Transformer Pad? I remember reading the Anandtech review, assuming this would be a day one product for the Windows 8 launch. But here we stand 3 months later and it doesn't exist.

Is Windows RT/8 that graphically demanding that it would lag with current SOCs at Full HD? What is going on?