MySpace this week quietly opened up its redesigned site to the public. The so-called "New MySpace" entered internal beta testing in July, and was previewed in September. Thus far, however, it has only been accessible on an invite-basis, though it finally opened its doors to the masses this week, in a move that appears to be timed with the release of Justin Timberlake's new single, "Suit & Tie," featuring Jay-Z. An advertisement for the song is plastered across the MySpace landing page, alongside a photo of Timberlake, one of the site's most prominent investors.

Users can join the network at, though the company's previous URL,, now redirects to the same page. You can also sign up through Facebook, Twitter, or your previous MySpace credentials, or simply start an entirely new account without linking any of your other social media profiles.

As with the site's last major redesign, the clear emphasis here is on music, and music discovery. There's an audio deck at the bottom of every page, where users can easily play and add songs to their queues, along with a "People" tab where you can subscribe (or "connect," in MySpace parlance) to status updates from friends and artists. The site's "Discover" function, meanwhile, brings up a menu of trending music stories, displayed in a Pinterest-like square layout, which you can browse through by horizontally scrolling across the page. Users can also post status updates, photos, or music to a Twitter-like stream, though it doesn't appear as if these posts can be synced across Facebook or Twitter.

It's not entirely clear when the site went live to the public, as MySpace has yet to formally announce the launch, but it appears to be a recent development. It should also be noted that users can still switch back to the old MySpace layout by clicking the grey bar at the top of the homepage.

Thanks, Tuan X!