Forced to buy an iPad mini

My first choice for a tablet was a Nexus 7, but I didn't buy it because Google neglected to calibrate the screen correctly (as seen here.) I bought a Kindle Fire HD and a Nook HD but returned them both for a number of reasons. Even though you can sideload apps on those devices, I found Android apps to be underwhelming. Even the latest Chrome beta was just okay. So, I reluctantly purchased an iPad mini even though I really didn't like the low resolution screen or the higher price.

The iPad mini is one of the best tools ever made. I read that people got used to the low-res screen, but I thought they were exaggerating. It's true, though. It doesn't bother me at all now. Reading on it is great. The display has a fairly limited color gamut, but it's well calibrated so colors look pretty good. The apps are great, although I'm finding the sheer number of apps a bit overwhelming. It's supported by Arch Linux, so transferring files hasn't been a problem so far. I have iTunes in a VM to sync if I need to. Dropbox works well too. This is my first iOS device, and I really like iOS. It's very easy to use and very smooth. Gripping it is a bit uncomfortable, but I prefer the wider screen width over the more narrow 7" tablets I bought. I can see now how the iPad mini could easily become my primary computer.