Nexus 7 Broken, Looking for Replacement

Sadly I dropped my Nexus 7 and the screen cracked (pretty horribly) and it won't even register touches anymore. I looked into getting it repaired but it seems like it'll cost a fairly ridiculous amount, could almost buy a brand new nexus 7 with the repair cost.

Long story short, I'm looking for a decent device (laptop or tablet) primarily for regular old content consumption, I prefer android to ios but hey I'm open to either. I also really liked the 7 inch form factor, but I've never regularly used a larger tablet so I'm unsure whether I'll like an iPad-ish form factor. But considering uni starts soon I wouldn't mind trying it out as I felt my little nexus 7 was never great for reading/taking notes.

So to sum it up I just want to know what you guys think is a good replacement or if there's something over the horizon maybe worth waiting out for.

Thanks in Advance!