Other operating systems on the Surface Pro

I am extremely excited for the launch of the Surface Pro. I was really interested in the Surface RT back in October, but after all of the mediocre reviews and the actual thought of what I need in a device above $500, I was inclined to wait for the Pro.

One thing that I find very intriguing is the possibility of running other operating systems on the Surface Pro. I'm not exactly sure if it would be possible right out of the box or if the device would require a jailbreak before multiple operating systems could be installed. If this is possible, could other operating systems, mainly Ubuntu, be able to utilize the surface's touchscreen, active pen, and touch/type covers? After seeing the Ubuntu Phone OS , I'm eager to see what Canonical will bring to the desktop.

I believe the future of computing is going to be touch oriented. This is why the Surface Pro could be a great device. Windows 8 has its perks and its shortcomings, and depending on what you're looking for in a computer, it could be exactly what you need or it could be nothing more than a gimmick. But in my opinion, Windows 8 is by far the best full computing OS that supports touchscreen devices.

Will this hold true for the next couple years? I'm not exactly sure...no one is. But that is the beauty of it. Competition. It brings out the best product and forces companies to adapt and innovate. And I'm hoping that the Surface Pro will give its user the option to choose which operating system suits them best. Whether its the latest and greatest Windows, Ubuntu, or Mac OS.