Friends, acquaintances, co-conspirators, everyone in between: thank you. It was a crazy week of newsgathering, photographing, video producing, showrunning, podcasting, binge eating, power-napping, and above all, storytelling.

What did we do? We lost ourselves in the Oculus Rift. We experienced a new form of existentialism with Qualcomm. We went behind-the-scenes at casinos to talk about the war on cheating. We gave Trent Wolbe a camera and told him to be himself. 2013 was the year that 4K televisions and 1080p smartphones paled in comparison to smaller, more unique products — many of which have their roots in Kickstarter projects (a new generation of hardware startups that would've been unthinkable even three years ago).

We can all honestly say it was the best CES yet for us, and it's all because of you. We're just about wrapped up without coverage and caught up on our sleep (for those not fighting post-event sickness, that is), and so it's a great time to thank everyone who made the show great and possible.