What I would have bought.

In August my Viao died on me. I was in the market for a computer to start my semester. I ended up choosing the Samsung Series 9. The verge review Here pretty much hit the nail on the head about this device. (except they had cooling problems, I have had none.)

I also bought a Nexus 7 to use when I do not want to bring my $1200 laptop with me. I like the Nexus 7 but I have difficulties typing on it so it pretty much is just used to look at webpages and read. I use the stock keyboard and it just seems to always have the wrong word at the end of me typing on it.(If you guys know of a better on screen keyboard to use let me know.)

I am very happy with my purchase. I however wish my Vaio would have lasted a few more months so I could have bought the Surface RT with a Type Cover. With the extra $800 I would have built myself a nice desktop computer.

What I have

Samsung Series 9 $1250
Nexus 7 $250

What I Want

Desktop + Monitor $850

Surface RT $600

The prices are roughly the same. I think this would be the best setup I could have at the moment. I think the Surface RT is an excellent companion to a Desktop computer. If you already have a ultrabook I do not really see the point. The reason I would like this setup is that when I need a full computer I have it but on the go I have a great device that cost quite a bit less than a $1200 ultrabook.

How would you change your computing setup if you could?