BlueStacks (Android) on Windows 8 Tablets like Surface Pro

Has anyone used the BlueStacks Beta on a Windows 8 Tablet?

For those who don't know, BlueStacks is a virtualization layer that lets you run either the full Android environment, or even individual Android applications pinned to your Windows 8 Start Screen. While you can't use the Google marketplace to download the apps directly, if you have an Android device they have a Cloud Transfer option that lets you install the apps from your phone.

It sounds to me like an incredibly valuable application, and a huge headstart for Windows 8 Tablet owners. It's not a secret that at the moment, while the Windows 8 Store continues to grow at a rapid clip, the current depth of applications is not stellar.

For me, being able to use a Windows 8 device like the Surface Pro as a computer with full x86 legacy apps while also having a library of hundreds of thousands of Android applications to use with a touch interface seems like an incredible way to bootstrap the software library and extend the utility of the tablets. And with Core processors you should be able to virtualize the apps smoothly without any problems (not sure if Clovertrail could keep up, but it would be great if it could).

As an industrial designer/engineer, I think it has great potential if the software works smoothly. Image being able to:

1) Snap a quick photo (with a cloud-synced phone or tablet), or draw a sketch (with a Wacom stylus) of a structure you need to lay out

2) Switch to Android, import the image and do some quick calculations with a light tablet app like AutoDesk Force Effect

3) Take that report, dock your tablet with the keyboard, then jump into full legacy x86 engineering software like Solidworks and draw up the part.

So my question is, has anyone actually used it, or am I getting all worked up for no good reason?