Surface hinge (rough concept/realisation)

I just had a quick look at Tom Warren's article on the Surface Pro. One of the criticisms seems to be that 'the screen angle isn't adjustable'. I had a look at a few pictures of the Surface and realised that the reason is that the kickstand is on the wrong way around.

You see, the surface hinge comes down from mid-way up the back of the device. This means that it is stuck at one height.

But why not reverse the hinge?

If a regular laptop hinge can hold up a laptop screen, then something similar might hold up the Surface. Sure, it might need to be a bit stiffer to cope with the weight or pressure of finger presses, but it might be better than no option on the angle of the screen.

And if it doesn't feel good to have too stiff a stand fold down at the back, maybe 'click points' where the stand 'clicks' into a more locked-down angle might be better - multiple 'click points' for at least some option on the angle.

Anyway, what do you think? Should Microsoft put more effort into an ajustable angle (more than my ten minute effort, anyway) or should users just accept the compromise?

Edit: Yeah, I thought that would come up as an image. I have no idea how to fix it and can't find out what I've done wrong. I'm an idiot. Sorry.