This developer saved Android for me.

On moving from iOS, one of the things I really missed was the ability to lock my phone. Yes, I know Android does this; it does it every time. When I switch off the screen, 2 seconds later I have to unlock the thing again. It is a small thing, but it really REALLY bugged me to the point that I decided to do away with the lock altogether and just use the 'swipe' setting - massively unsecured.

Then a few days ago, i found this developer and his apps on Google Play. Delayed lock with the wifi plug-in that turns off the lock completely when I'm connected to my home wifi and locks it again after a set time when I disconnect has cured my distress. On top of that, the notification toggle is superlatively good and the WiFi Direct app is brilliant.

I'm not connected with the developer in any way - I'm just a very happy Android user thanks to what he has provided.

Thought it might help some of you other Android users out there.

UPDATE: Thanks for the tips, guys. I already knew about the 'automatically lock' option in settings, but this just prevents the lockscreen from coming up when you hit the power button. I still wanted the lock screen to be there when I hit the power button to prevent accidental touches etc. and als o because of the functionality of the touchscreen with its widgets etc. The apps linked here allow the slide pattern to prevent accidental touches and then adds a code for when I'm away from home or if I haven't use the phone for a certain time. Thanks!