iDevice backup feature request

Yes, I know feature requests should go to Apple, but I think discussing it here first might help to improve it or perhaps deep six it.
The actual feature request is in bold.

I am PC free. iPad and iPhone serve me well. My one concern is redundant backups. At present my iDevices automatically backup to iCloud nightly. That means I have 3 backups (last 3 nights) available for each device. This works well and has saved me a couple of times.

I also use SpiderOak to back up specific important material, but I admit this doesn't happen as thoroughly or as often as it should.

The problem, of course, is what if this method (nightly auto backups to iCloud) fails. If I was still shackled to my MBP I could just plug in the iDevices once a week and have some redundancy, but I don't want an old school PC.

Feature request:
-At present
Settings--> iCloud --> Storage and Backup --> Back up Now

-What I would like in iOS 7
I would like to be able to switch on an "Additional Backup". This would allow me to enter my credentials for one of the top cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, SpiderOak. I imagine this setup process to be very much like like the iDevice mail setup where you can pick Yahoo, Google etc, enter your credentials and then access these mail account through the Apple Mail app.

Once this setup is complete. The name of the chosen backup provider would appear on a button just below the present "Back up Now" button. Pressing this when plugged in to AC power and within WiFi range would trigger a backup to the chosen cloud provider.

Of course, there would have to be the necessary hooks built into the "restore from backup" function that you are offered after a device wipe or when setting up a new iDevice.

Another option would be the ability to set up backups to a wifi accessible HDD in the manner I described above. This recently released one for example:

I prefer straight cloud backups myself. One less device to manage.

More and more iDevice users are cutting the cord to the old PC way. If you look at current trends, this will likely be the most common scenario in the future. Apple could tout this as a feature that makes their products a better choice compared to competitors.