Next Xbox Console Ideas?

Currently I'm in my first year at University studying Product Design. I'm thinking about what Microsoft have up their sleeve for their next Xbox unveil. (And potentially designing a concept).

Here are a few of my thoughts...
Two options as buyers. All digital OR digital and optical. Both at the same price...

Digital Option - Smaller, thinner and more compact redesigned console with a 250GB SSD
Digital and Optical Option - Similar, new design (slightly thicker to accommodate for the disk drive) with only a 64GB SSD option

This would then allow people with high speed internet to go for the digital option, and in return they would gain more memory storage. Also, via downloading their games online, this MAY reduce the price of games (eventually) as there is no need to pay for packaging and production of the disks, also Microsoft/Game developers would retain more of their profits from the lack of game stores buying in bulk.

Also, a new Kinect Camera and possibly an implication of Illimiroom technology?

What do you think?