My Ideas For Nokia Maps

I own a lumia 822 and have downloaded the entire US to my phone. i like nokia maps even though there is room for improvement. My first idea and hope would be for nokia maps to integrate fully with or other websites to make geocaching on nokia maps fun and easy. i want the ability to download geocaches to my phone for "x" amount of miles around a certain location so that i can pinpoint on the nokia map (physically press my finger on a point on the downloaded map on my phone), my current location, or a certain zipcode. Or find current caches and touch those caches to download them to my phone so i can download only the ones i want to find and have the cache information on my phone without a data connection. there is the ability to do this with many handheld gps devices. i would love this with my lumia 822. My next idea isn't so grand but is essential for using gps for hikers. i want to be able to mark waypoints and name them on my phone. i don't see this on the maps on my lumia and i'm confused by this lack of functionality. My next idea is to integrate with the site and be able to download all trail information to my map and use it without a data connection. i bring my phone everywhere so why not make the maps useful for people who go off the grid to have fun. yes this takes battery life that's why i bought an extra battery for my lumia 822 and i carry a goal zero portable solar panel to charge my cellphone while going off the grid. Let me know what you people think and what you would like to see on your maps.