Dear Best Buy, You Suck



On December 29, 2012 i was delighted to find what I thought was a fantastic deal at, a Westinghouse 40" LCD LED backlit 120Hz 1080p HDTV (CW40T6DW, SKU: 5021201), for $290. When it arrived, I was dismayed to discover that it was not 120Hz, as advertised at, but rather only 60Hz. The product title and the listed specifications CLEARLY stated that the HDTV was 120Hz. I did receive the HDTV with the model number that I ordered, HOWEVER, it is incorrectly advertised by as being 120Hz.

When I called Best Buy customer service on January 12, 2013 (1-800-BEST BUY) to make them aware of this error, I was first connected to a customer service representative named Art. I thought I explained the issue clearly to Art, but evidently I didn’t. Art put me on hold to confer with someone in the "back office". When he returned, several minutes later, he stated that the "back office" will re-ship a Westinghouse 120Hz 1080p 40" television to me. I asked him for the SKU number of the HDTV that was being shipped to confirm that I was, indeed, being sent a 120Hz Westinghouse television. The SKU Art read to me matched the SKU (5021201) of the television I was calling to complain about. I vehemently told Art, "No. No. No. THAT’S THE ONE I ALREADY HAVE!". Some how I wasn’t clear enough, because Art still didn’t understand. I immediately asked Art to connect me with the person in the "back office" that made the decision to resend me THE EXACT SAME TV!

I was again forced to listen to distorted "music" while on hold. Art returned to the line in preparation of transferring my call. I apologized to Art for previously raising my voice. He assured me it was "okay", then proceeded to transferred my call to "Amy" in the "back office". I retold the above story to Amy, reiterating that the HDTV in question was and is falsely advertised on the Best Buy website as being 120Hz, when it is actually 60Hz. I’m not sure Amy fully grasped the issue of false advertising. I asked her to, at least, flag this TV (CW40T6DW) and have someone review the advertised specifications so that other consumers won’t get duped into buying this item under false pretenses. She agreed.

Let me say that prior to calling 1-800-BEST BUY, I scoured the internet looking for information on a comparable Westinghouse TV. I discovered a comment in the Best Buy customer reviews pertaining to the television, warning potential customers that the television was 60Hz, and that people should stay clear of this television. Out of the 82 reviews only one person recognized the incorrect refresh rate. While searching the internet I also came across a forum conversation on another website discussing the difficultly a few individuals faced when they tried to alert of their advertising mistake. The forum discussion dated all the way back to May 5, 2012. That means Best Buy has been misrepresenting this HDTV for several months. I found the TV advertised on cached pages as being 60Hz. Incidentally, Westinghouse does not list model CW40T6DW anywhere on their website.

After all that, I did find a "another" Westinghouse 40" LED 1080p 120Hz HDTV, model UW40T2BW on sale at for $379.99. I found the same model HDTV at for $299.99 (in-store pick-up only). Can you say "price match"? This is only $10 more than the falsely advertised/misrepresented HDTV sitting in my living room...and it’s LED.

So, after Amy agreed to have someone review the specs of Westinghouse model CW40T6DW, I explained to Amy that the error was not mine and that I wanted Best Buy to correct this issue by sending me a Westinghouse 40" HDTV that was indeed 120Hz, regardless of the model number, for the same price I paid for model CW40T6DW, $290. I informed Amy that I would return my unwanted tv to my local Best Buy store. Amy and I were both viewing the Westinghouse HDTVs on and I brought her attention to Westinghouse model UW40T2BW, on sale for $379.99, which has the specifications I desired in the original HDTV I purchased. Amy said she could not upgrade me to that model tv for $290. I then asked Amy if she could price-match another store’s sale price and she said she could. I told her the store was Micro Center and that the sale may be ending on this day. Amy assured me that Best Buy would honor this price-match for 30 days. I questioned her, restating that the sale at Micro Center was probably ending on this date. Amy stated that when I call back to order the tv I want, to have the customer service representative refer to her notes and I would be granted the price-match. I told Amy that I would like to purchase Westinghouse HDTV model UW40T2BW now as opposed to calling back at a later time. Amy stated she could take care of it for me. She asked if she could put me on hold to begin the process of placing the order. I agreed. Within 2 minutes of being subjected to their "music", the call was disconnected.

"WTF!! How will I find Amy again?! I don’t want to have to start over and tell that whole story again!!"

I called back and after being transferred by 3 customer service representatives, I was connected to someone in the "back office" who sat within shouting distance of Amy. I explained what happened. I don’t recall her name, but she said she could see Amy’s notes and could complete the order for me as Amy was on another call. I was again placed on hold for several minutes and when "new girl" came back on the line, she stated that she was locked out of the "purchase order" "New girl" stated that she could not complete my order and stated that she would have Amy call me back to complete the order as soon as she could. She confirmed my phone number before ending our conversation. Amy never called back.

I called Best Buy, for the third time, on January 15th. This time I only had to talk to one customer service representative before being connected to the "back office". I believe I spoke to "Tammy". I explained what happened on Saturday January 12th and that Amy authorized the shipment of a tv that I did not authorize and that I would be refusing. Tammy stated that someone would need to be home to refuse the UPS shipment. I stated understanding. I then told her that I would like to complete the ordering process Westinghouse HDTV UW40T2BW that began on 1/12/13. I told Tammy that Amy said my price match was good for 30 days, even though the Micro Center sale has since expired. Tammy stated that Amy misspoke. Tammy then said that she could see Amy’s notes and that Amy did not document anything about a price match. Tammy said that for her to be able to honor a price match, the identical item would need to currently be on sale and available for in-store pick-up. She asked me for the name and phone number of the store that currently had the tv on sale. I gave her number of Micro Center and told her that I didn’t think the tv in question was still on sale. I informed Tammy that Micro Center opens at 10:00am and it was now 9:15am. She again said that for her to honor a price match, the item had to currently be on sale. Tammy said she could call Micro Center at 10:00am to check on the price and availability of the tv I want. I explained that I was aware of that, but when I initiated my purchase the tv was on sale and that, Amy, the Best Buy representative, failed to follow-up with me and complete my order when the tv was on sate at both and Micro Center. Tammy again stated the Best Buy price match policy. Tammy said she would call Micro Center when they open at 10:00am to inquire about the current price and availability of the tv. She assured me that even if the tv is not still on sale, she will work with me to make me a better deal on the tv I want to purchase. Tammy confirmed my number and stated she would call me after she called Micro Center.

I missed Tammy’s return call, but she did leave me a message. She stated that the Micro Center does pricing and availability online and Best Buy does not price match with Micro Center’s website and therefore she will not be able to do my price match today.

So, Best Buy has shipped me a replacement tv that I did not order or request and I was denied the opportunity to order the 120Hz tv that I still want. Best Buy should be held accountable. What happened to the customer is always right?