Chrome OS for TVs

Anyone else think Chrome OS would be great if it was tweaked for TVs?

I mean it's an instant ecosytem. The entire web is available. No downloads, no installs, no updates, all the best things of Chrome is exactly what would be perfect for TVs. The best part, no limitations. There is as much content as any computer. All they would need to do is scale up some elements of Chrome OS and maybe trim some out all together. Sure it's "another box" but it seems like an idea that could actually be good if adapted well.
The biggest obsticle would be how you would use it. I imagine the remote being a game controller type thing with an Xbox controller-like joystick for mouse navigation, a simple built in keyboard, and a microphone for voice search. The best way would be with an app for tablets and smartphones though.

Not sure how Google is missing this this potental, it makes so much sense to me. Much more so than adapting Android to work with TVs.