Peoples expectations.

I was doing some reading on flipboard the other day. I've noticed something. A large abundance of people expect apple to blink their eyes and pop out the next revolutionary thing. As if developing these products doesn't take years of strenuous research and development. What are people really expecting? Apple gave us a product that was 5 years ahead of the game back in 07, the iphone and again with the ipad. The Mac has always been an amazing product. Micosoft only now has pushed out windows 8 as their major OS and has got on board with tablets and touch. So why do people expect this of apple? Steve said it him self, you are lucky if you get to work on one of these revolutionary products. Apple has worked on many. Even though they have worked on many it took them years to get it right and they did the first time. Now people all of a sudden think apple should be dishing out revolutions every year.

It doesn't work like that. It shouldn't work like that, and the worst thing you can do is rush innovation, technology, and art. That's when it comes out all wrong. I also read that recent polls show apple isn't the cool brand anymore and now having something samsung is. Weather it is cool or isn't is silly to debate anyway, but regardless Samsung is taking the lead in the smartphone market. Still with everyone saying that all I see are iphones. Everyone around me has iphones, my clients have iphones, i mean it's extremely rare when i meet someone without an iphone. Regardless, I don't want to see apple loose their place in this game. I don't think they will either. Even if it takes 3 or 4 years to come out with that next thing or improve what's already here. That's how this industry works. No one is to be or should be expected to churn out revolution every year. Still, I think a lot of innovation is going on in the industry that apple is just skipping over. I think apple needs to take a step back and this time take some notes from the competition. The pro windows 8 tablets are taking flight. People actually want them. Artists actually want them for having real pen input, and Wacom making their own pen with real pressure in it just for them. Wacom tablets and windows 8 working with touch together. I mean it used to be forget that windows crap i'll never use it again. All of a sudden it's turning out that windows is offering more options for professional users and artists.

I've written numerous emails to apple about not to forget the artists who were part of making apple so special. Imagine if apple made a real drawing tablet for artists with a retina display and apples amazing technology in it. I want to see apple start doing some things outside of the box and not so standard. We have no support in the ipad for real pen input. If the ipad and post PC is the future there is no way the ipad can go on without having pen input. These wonky stylus they have just don't cut it. I posted on the form years ago saying how i hope one day Wacom makes a special pen just for the ipad that has similar cabilibilites to their real drawing tablets. They have, and of course it's not for ipad, it's for windows 8 tablets and android tablets. Apples missing extra opportunities to make even more money. I'd love to see them start catering to the artist again.