Folder Sharing Between Windows 8 and RT

Hi All

I'm facing a rather interesting problem and I wanted to get your input on the matter. I currently haven't found a decent podcasting app for my Surface RT, so I was thinking of a work around using shared network folders.

Zune currently manages my podcasts really well and I was looking at sharing and more importantly syncing that podcast folder with my Surface. Currently all I can manage is come the folder across the network and "merge" the two folders every week. This isn't a decent enough solution since I don't want to keep track of when podcasts are released and manually syncing the folders each day.

So my question to you all, is there an easy was to sync two folders in Windows 8/RT that doesn't require a 3rd party app, or is there an app for RT that I can use?

Any input would be awesome. Hell, evening suggesting a decent podcast app in the store would be a decent start I suppose, but answering the more general question is interesting.


Peter D