Lumia 920 robust sales in India

I was having a look at which is like the Amazon of India. The Lumia 920 is already sold out on it, just 5 days after launch. It has a good number of ratings and reviews too. Similarly the HTC 8X too has a lot of ratings and reviews and is on the best seller list. The 8X has been on retail since December. The number of ratings show that these phones are having more sales than even the HTC One X+ which has been on retail for longer. Overall reviews and ratings have a very positive tone. Sure, judging sales by the number of ratings is not the most scientific method out there, also considering the fact that anyone can rate the device even if he has not purchased it, but using it as a common scale to compare all phones, the 920 seems to be doing quite good. The 620 expected to be launched in Feb at a lower price should also do very well based on this trend. The important thing to remember is that India is a pre-paid market and none of the phones have contract subsidies and hence people are effectively paying the full price of an unlocked phone. Thus, even with the 920 priced more than S3 and HTC One X+ it seems to be doing quite well.