Surface Pro vs. Thinkpad Helix - Which one?

I am officially interested in a Windows 8 tablet/laptop or hybrid. To me, it seems like the Surface Pro would be the ideal choice for me since it is $100 cheaper than the similarly spec'd Macbook Air but it has a superior 1080p touch screen display.

According to that video of the Windows Surface RT tablet, it looks like it can basically do everything that a regular laptop can do in regards to USB port. I like that since I constantly use the USB for sharing documents/information via flash drives and I saw that the RT has USB 2.0 but the Surface Pro will have a USB 3.0 which is a huge plus.

(I am guessing) The specs for the Pro should allow me to watch high quality streaming TV shows and youtube videos and run a few programs such as Office stuff (Word, PPT, etc.) for school stuff. Unlike the iPad or Android tablets, the Surface Pro has that familiar desktop and works just like a laptop. Also, it's a huge space saver and very portable compared to my mid-2010 Macbook Pro. Some of the Starbucks tables don't have enough real estate to have a Macbook Pro, textbook, notes AND that drink on it.

This would be my first Windows product since building my gaming rig with Windows 7 couple years ago. Reason I am considering Lenovo Thinkpad Helix is because of its higher specs (than Surface Pro) and I know that Lenovo is always highly regarded when it comes to mobile computers. Only issue is that $1500 price tag.

So please let me know what you guys think and feel free to offer any pros or cons or personal experiences with either brands. I would mainly be using this for school so it will include general internet activity, taking notes with Word, watching Youtube and streaming TV shows from HBO. I won't be playing any "real" games. Maybe game apps at most.

Helix or Pro? Which one would you guys go with personally and which would you guys recommend for me and why? I appreciate any feedback. Thanks.