Surface Pro2/3/etc: Road Map speculation

[Edit: 12:34 pm CST]
I see a lot of exciting tech coming down the pipe in a rapid fashion(which doesn't help my constant need to delay a purchase) and I would like to see where people think the surface will be in its next few iterations.

- Haswell
- Rudimentary on-board connect integration
- Xbox connect integration
- 3g/4g radio
- Deeper Xbox glass integration
- Peripherals

- Broadwell
- Advanced motion and gesture integration
- Peripherals

Surface RT2:
- Digitizer
- 3g/4g radio

[Original Text]
My dream combination for the Surface Pro2: Windows 8/Blue, Haswell processor, motion sensing (possibly connect branded). If each corner of the device had one Leap Motion (LM) sensor facing inward and upward as to project toward a focal point ~7" above the tablet; I would die of happiness. I'm no scientist, but maybe they could make a thin sensor strip that goes completely around the perimeter as to provide the greatest accuracy but is hidden in the bezel for aesthetics. I think Win8 + LM would be killer. Thoughts?