iOS keyboard

For me, one of the biggest aspects, where you could see iOS as "outdated", is the keyboard.

Within the last 12 months, i had an iPhone 4s, a Nokia Lumia 800, a Sony XPeria S and currently an iPhone 5. So I guess I have a pretty good view for that matter.

When leaving iOS for the Lumia 800, one of the things, I liked the most was the keyboard, because of it`s look and feel. When I had the XPeria S, the first app i bought was Swiftkey, wich I absolutely loved. And now, as I`m back on the iOS train I really miss those keyboards.

Every other Smartphone OS has something like a predictive keyboard. There even exists a jailbreak for iOS, which enables this feature, but for me and I think for many others, a jailbreak is no option.

Swifkey for android: Swiftkey_medium


Windows Phone 8: Wp8keyboard_101541318625_640x360_medium


And the new Blackberry 10 keyboard will beat them all: Bb10-keyboard-rim_medium


In my opinion, this kind of keyboards, saves you a whole lot of time. When using Swiftkey, I found the keyboard building my sentences. I would assume, I easily doubled my typing-speed.

So what do you guys think? Is it time for apple to build a new keyboard? Or am I the only one, who thinks, the iOS keyboard is one of the worst on the market right now?