My experiences using FreedomPop wimax on tablet. Any other solutions?

I saw this recent post on The Verge explaining AT&T's new data plan for Nexus 7 models equipped with a cell radio.

It seems expensive, as well as necessitating the purchase of a more expensive Nexus 7 with a cell radio.

Since last month I've started using FreedomPop's beta service with one of their Photon cell/wifi hub. I turn it on and connect its wifi signal to my Nexus 7 (or my laptop).

It's been a cheap and mostly reliable solution for me, with no contract. 500mb per month for free. I can upgrade to 2gb for $18/month. I think it uses ClearWire's national network. It was a $99 deposit to get the tiny device; I can return it within a year if I don't want the service any more.

I'm wondering if others have had different ways they are able to get a connection to their wifi Nexus 7 tablets?