Guys, the site's starting to really look like crap...

I've been following this website since its inception with thisismynext, and admittedly have been a pretty hardcore fan in the process (vergecast every week, active forum member, etc). Recently however, I barely visit the site at all. It's just not enjoyable anymore.

While I was a big fan of the site's design at first, its novelty has since worn off. If it's not my browser getting raped with a myriad obtrusive and invasive ads, it's the fact that the overall design honestly at this point looks dated, and simply put, just does not look good. Specifically the front page.

If you can take a look at the screenshot below, and you can honestly tell me this was the future you guys envisioned for the verge... well then... I don't know.


Regarding these ads...



Seriously guys. Could you take it down a notch? I don’t think using Adblock should be the answer. I actually want the verge to make money, so that you can continue to hire new writers and continue producing top quality content. I just don’t know why it needs to be taken to an almost unbearable level essentially forcing our hand to taking such measures.

Look at engadget for example. Do they have gigantic flash ads taking over entire pages distracting and annoying readers (a la verizon)? No. And yet they’re obviously still profitable. So profitable in fact they advertise their site in Time Square.


It seems obvious to me the verge is becoming more and more interested in making a quick buck at the expense of their readers. And at this point, unless it gets toned down, at least with the invasive flash ads taking over entire pages, I will use AdBlock and recommend everyone who visits this site to do so as well.

Invasive adsClick-bating articles… What’s next the verge, popups?