Was Intel purposefully deceitful at CES?

An article that talks about Lexington, although he seems to generally praise it, probably because he never used it in person, like TheVerge did. Then he gives more details about the misleading "7W IVB chip", for which Intel had to invent a new measuring system that is basically *half* of the previous TDP measuring system, just to get to say they have a 7W chip. Fortunately, TheVerge also took notice of this.

And later he talks about Haswell, and how it's not a very big improvement over IVB, and also about how Intel is now trying to push more unnecessary and expensive things onto the manufacturers, probably because they are getting more desperate for revenues because of the intensifying ARM competition. Like for example, it seems the media or all of us missed it - they are going to make McAfee Antivirus *mandatory* for "ultrabooks" (for which they own the trademark). What the hell?

Anyway, here's the article: