Possibilities of Leveraging Next-Gen Xbox in Nvidia Shield Style

Its clear that Microsoft has focused their gaming push through Windows Phone line up. But right now, their gaming ecosystem on WP is severely lacking.

Nvidia showed off their Shield project, ingeniously making use of their Desktop GPUs and their Arm based processor, yet it is done in a very uncanny, non-portable, and down right ugly package (this is an opinion but its mine and I'm writing post :P).

I think Microsoft should create a system that works in reverse order. It should leverage the standalone Xbox to push gaming onto their mobile devices, from Surface down to WP.

Microsoft has not had great success with PC gaming sales (I'm referring to this http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/PC)

If Microsoft can create a set of Surface Phones, one for emerging markets, one for high-end market, one for low-en market, and a niche device that would allow for truly portable gaming (Such as the image below), then it can use both WP games for Mobile Gaming (similar to Shield leveraging Android), Xbox for console quality gaming (Similar to Nvidia Shield leveraging PC), then it can help to bring its massive Xbox ecosystem into the WP world.

Also this can help with Windows RT, whose processors aren't capable of running x86 level gaming. It can also help mitigate the need to buy a second Xbox device for a second room, just bring your controller and work bake in some WiDi magic.


via cdn.symbiantweet.com

Microsoft can't afford to stand by and let Steam Boxes, and Nvidia Shield's take over a market that they dominate. If they lose this market, then it can mean big issues for the future. It would help to solve their Digital Gaming Sales push as well as let it complete with Nvidia.

Anyway what do you guys think?

** Obviously it can't be a completely open experience as Nvidia Shield, it would require some restrictions on certain kinds of games, like FPS's whose mouse and keyboard interaction using a PC can reek havoc to those playing on the console.