.... the reader button!?!

See this reader button in the address bar?


I always thought it was a way to add it to the reading list, and had NEVER used it. While browsing lifehacker today I hit the button on accident...

I earned my humble pie for 2013

For those who are uninitiated like I was mere hours ago, this is what you get: adjustable sizing, word wrapping, and image laden goodness in a clean format. Not perfect, but great for many sites.


BOOM! and yes Virginia, it's even more awesome holding it vertically. The only real problem I've run into is some articles with very wide images. A few features on The Verge do this, where text goes off the side of the reader page to the images margins.

I thought I was awesome, I have an iP5 and iPad Mini currently and in the past 12 months I've used Windows Phone 7.5, Android 4.0.4 - 4.1.2, and rooted/hacked both.

Did anyone else not know about this function, or am I the last one to the party?
What about some tech feature you didn't know about, stumbled upon, and wondered how you could've been so blind?