Can Blackberry Make a Comeback?

Today the mobile market seems to be dominated by the app-heavy giants Apple and Android, and looks like there is no space for Blackberries anymore. Since dropping its 18% control of the market to 5%, the future looks rather dim for the once dominant mobile phone producer. That being said Research in Motion (RIM) the company that produces Blackberries has recently announced their latest mobile operating system under the name Blackberry 10.

Two designs have been leaked on line, the first being an all touch screen reminiscent of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, however the dimensions appear to be significantly larger than both of them. Following that is the more traditional looking blackberry with the QWERTY style keyboard. The main difference between this new QWERTY design is that there is no longer a track pad and the screen has increased a sizeable amount, indicating that all interaction with the phone will utilize the touch screen with the exception of typing.

In terms of software the operating system has been completely revamped straying away from their classic home screen interface. During the Americas Jam keynote RIM representative Thorsten Heins showed off the new features of the Blackberry 10. Their approach with their new smart phone is to allow users to access their messages, contacts, and events as quick as possible. As well as creating two profiles embedded within the operating system that separates the user’s personal profile from their work profile, which basically allows the user to view specific apps based on which profile their blackberry is set to. View the full video below.

Although the new features look like they work pretty well and would be rather convenient for a user who is constantly on the go, the latest blackberry software is looking like RIM is trying to find a niche market with corporate use. Furthermore now word has been released on what improvements RIM has made to their app store, in order for Blackberries to truly make a comeback as a handheld device that will reach all audiences an app store with a wide variety of applications. That being said the fact that most if not all developers are focusing their time on producing apps for the apple and android platforms can ultimately doom blackberry handhelds for good.