Sadly, I'm going to buy an SGS III

My Omnia W just broke, it falled to the floor and while the casing remains intact, I won't come on from sleep intermittently, not sure if that's a power button failure because it reacts OK when I press it while its on. Anyhow, I'm upgrading and wanted a new phone

I wanted my new phone to be a Windows Phone 8 device, Lumia 920/820 or the 8X, but saddly, they are pretty expensive unlocked for importing and are not even available in Panama. So, I've no choice but to go with the best non WP device in the market available, the SGS III, why not other Android phones?, the S III is a very good investment as it has superb reselling value.

The point is, I'm a MS fan and probably one of the few million people who is actually aspiring to own a WP8 device, and when I go to the marketplace, they are just not there.

When Nokia and MS announced their partnership I got exited as many of you because, Oh great, this is what we need, Nokia's superb distribution model, but where are the phones?, I can get a just released Asha 311 phone easily here, why can't I get a Windows Phone?