Let me first say that overall I am really happy with my Surface RT. I like the form factor, 9 hour battery live, office built in, ability to display 2 apps at once, etc. However the one thing that is driving me crazy is when I stop or fast forward a video/song, I will often get a loud residual stuttering of the video/song. It totally ruins the Surface experience and is something Microsoft needs to fix immediately. For the record, I have the latest firmware/updates and have updated all the apps. I was showing a friend of mine (who recently bought an ipad) the Surface recently, and he loved the features I highlighted above. In fact, he said he wished he would have waited for the surface to come out....that is, until I tried to close a video that was running and it stuttered and made a screaching sound. I could tell at that point, he was less interested in the Surface because the experience is not as polished as the experience on an Ipad. Anyone else still having this problem?