Where are the apps? Where are the games?

It's been over 2 months since WP8 hit the streets, and we've all excitedly gotten 920s and 8X's.

But am I the only one who's getting a bit impatient about the lack of apps or games?

It's been a month since Microsoft released an Xbox branded game, not including any 7.5 ports. A couple of iOS ports have drip fed onto the platform but basically nothing else. New applications are extraordinarily far and few between - hitting up the "New and Rising" portion of the Marketplace yields the same old gaff that was there when I booted it up.

Is this a trend? Is Microsoft just going to make a song and dance for sales then completely ignore the people who bought the hardware and early adopted the operating system? I love the OS, it's exactly what I needed, but there's just nothing happening on the app front.

I've given WP8 a year. If updates are still taking 2 months to release and the marketplace is dead, I'm just getting the newest Nexus and moving on.