A million users isn't cool. You know what's cool? A billion users.

Source: Business Insider: Apple And Android's Stunning Race To One Billion Users In Context

Google and Apple are approaching one billion installations of their mobile operating systems, Android and iOS. It's pretty incredible that the iOS and Android platforms, which cost hundreds of dollars to join, has nearly as many users as Facebook, which is free.

First off, it's pretty incredible that this guy makes money saying this crap. I guess you don't need to spend hundreds on a computer to access Facebook? Oh, that's right, you could just buy a smartphone... which would add to the iOS/Android total. You don't need Facebook to get a smartphone, and not everyone is on Facebook. It's not incredible if you have a brain and common sense. Also, you can get an older or crappy smartphone for free, so the initial buy-in is zero. True, you pay for monthly service, but you have to pay for internet access, too. Unless this guy thinks every FB user is at the library using free computers and free internet?

Secondly, iOS' "Cumulative Units" versus Android's "Activations". There's not enough clarity there to do a comparison. Cumulative? I assume all iOS devices: iPhones, iPads, and newer iPods. Considering the iPad has the tablet market cornered, if we take away tablets from both totals then it looks like Android has all but stolen smartphones away from Apple. Again, this is assuming a lot. Another thing... Android "activations"... how do they count this? I've flashed ROMs plenty of times, and every time I logged back into the Play Store on first boot, it shows up as a new device in "My Devices". Did my phone just get counted twice? I also review phones from AT&T, so when I sign in on those devices, they get added to my Play Store device list as well. Does Google think I actually purchased these devices? If I sold my old phone to someone, and they log in, does that count as an activation? I'm hoping Google is only counting by serial/IMEI/UUID/something and not by my definition of "activation". Also, are Amazon Kindle Fires included in the data?

There's no doubt that each platform has their successes...

...but will we ever really know who is King?