What app-switching should be like

So I want to make this a really short and concise post (sloppy in other words, I'm kinda lazy), if anything is unclear to you or you have any feedback, please comment!

P.S If you're man (or sexy lady) enough to read through this thing, there's a tasty mock-up video waiting just for you at the end. (I mean it, that video is fucking delicious, imagine if a gummy bear and a Swedish fish had a baby - that's how good. Alright that sounds kinda gross, but come up with a better example yourself then)!

So I think we all agree the current iOS app switcher has room to grow, quite literally actually, just look at all that wasted space above the icons!


And I think that we all can agree that WebOS had - if not the best - at least one of the best app switchers. So I decided to blatantly steal their shit, YEAH!

Nah, but seriously, here's what it looks like:


So, ideally it would be activated by an upwards swipe from the bottom of the screen, the exact opposite of opening Notification Center. This is a hell of a lot quicker and smoother than double tapping the fracking home button. The switcher is not really more functional, and kind of slower since you only se one app at the time, but esthetically it looks a lot better. Closing an app is as simple at swiping it upp or down of the screen, obviously a great enough distance to avoid accidental closing. The organization of the apps could, depending on your preference, be in order of last used app with the latest at the far left spanning to the right, or a fixed layout where the apps stay in place regardless of when they were last used with new apps opening to the far most left. Obviously they would be arrangeable simply by moving them like the home screen icons.

"So what about the music controls, dipshit"?, you say, if you're still reading (please be).


Please ignore the semi-translucent status bar in the shot above, its supposed to look like the previous shot. Believe me when I say this was a quick dirty mock-up.

Swiping to far most left would bring up the music "card" which virtually is just the album art. Any third-party app (like Spotify) would obviously be able to plug in to this exactly like they do today, in fact developers wouldn't need to change a single line of code to achieve this. "Well that's all fine and dandy, buttwipe", you say, "but what about the volume control and shizz like that"? Well you poopmunchers, you know how tapping the album in the Music app brings up the time scrubber etc? The same thing goes here. The music card simply expands to encompass the extra controls with a smooth animation.


See that button to the right? No, not there. No. No. Not there either. Oh my god? Seriously? To the top right dammit! Forget it, here:


Tapping that brings you this:


Which shows you the complete album. So you can see this is a hell of a lot more functional than the music controls currently offered.

Theres a caveat, however. I'm an avid music listener, and the reason I activate the app switcher most of the times is to pause or change the song currently playing. In iOS 6 this isn't really a quick process, it's quite cumbersome actually, and my mock-up doesn't do much to alleviate this. The most optimal solution would be to have ever-present music controls below the app "cards", to speed up the music-management process. Do you guys agree? :)

And finally, quick settings. How do I turn on/off rotation lock, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc? Well, I'll leave that up to you guys, what do you think would be best, a quick settings card to the left of the music card? Or perhaps an Android rip-off accessed by a two-finger swipe from the top of the screen? Something else? Share your thoughts, I'll listen to each one of you.

Aaaaand we're done. That's it, fin, finito, slut. (Not what you think it means, look it up!)

Oh shit, that's right I promised you a video... I'll give you one, but beware, it's pure shit, I made it in Keynote, which is hard as hell, and as you can see there's supposed to be text in the empty area to the left, and a marker showing taps and gestures. It has dramatic music that kinda makes up for it though (AWESOME!). Basically it's unfinished, watch at your on risk, PG 18.

All comments are welcome, that's right, shower me in those comment baby, oh yeah, come on!